WideOpenSpaces: Hunter Dies from Accidental Knife Stabbing

A man is dead after a freak hunting accident in Kentucky.

Jared Hausfeld, 37, was hunting alone in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky on October 21 when he shot a deer. He tracked the deer to where it was bedded down, and believed the deer was already dead. However, when he approached the animal, the deer made a sudden movement, startling Hausfeld and causing him to accidentally stab himself in the leg with a large hunting knife.

According to the Anderson County coroner, Hausfeld died, presumably from blood loss, before family members found him. Around 2:30 PM Saturday, authorities received a “fatal hunting incidence notification.”

While it is easy to think “Darwin Award” with this piece, I am not the one to cast aspersions as I almost killed myself splitting wood about a decade ago.

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Hunter Dies from Accidental Knife Stabbing After His Deer Spooked