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100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway: Knife World Collector’s Knives

Every 5 years, from 1982 through 1992, our predecessor publication Knife World commissioned limited edition knives which were offered for sale to subscribers. It has been 27 years since the last of these quinquennial releases but 4 lucky online readers will get a chance to own a genuine piece of Knife Magazine history. We are reaching into the company vault and giving away one of each as a part of our 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway.

If you want to win one of these rare collectable knives, register for a free account, and leave a comment on our Official Contest Thread.

While you are at it, be sure to leave a comment on the David Kurt RN Tactical Knife post as well. That is the final knife in our giveaway, and it is open to all our users, even if you have won a previous drawing.

UPDATE: Final Day of our 100 Knives Giveaway – David Kurt RN Tactical Knife

As an aside, due to some 2nd Chance drawings for some unclaimed prizes, we are going to be going into overtime as we finish up our contest. The remaining drawings will be as follows:

Friday September 6, Day 98 – 1982 Knife World Knife swell-center jack by Cripple Creek, 1 of 2000

Saturday September 7, Day 99 – 1987 Knife World Knife  large ‘cigar’ pattern by Cripple Creek 1 of 500

Sunday September 8, Day 100 – 1992 Knife World Knife Texas Toothpick by Fightin’ Rooster 1 of 500

Monday September 9, Day 101 – 1997 Knife World Knife 5 blade sowbelly by Winchester 1 of 350

Tuesday September 10, Day 102 – David Kurt RN Tactical knife

I am going to be camping with my son’s Cub Scout Den on Saturday, so I will be doing a double drawing on Sunday Night.

The Knife World Knives Examined:

1982 1st Edition Knife World Knife by Cripple Creek, 1 of 2000 

This knife was made in an old Union Cut. Co. pattern, and is best described as a swell-center jack that has a ‘kink’ in the center, with candle-end bolsters and trapper-style clip and long spey blades. The handles are brown jigged bone, ranging from honey colored to a deep brown depending on the knife.


2nd Edition Knife World Knife by Cripple Creek, 1 of 500

This knife is a large equal-end ‘cigar’ pattern, with big clip and spear blades in a moose configuration (i.e. one from each end.) The handles are a deep brown jigged bone. Original cost was $65. These are rather difficult to come by.  The knives with lower serial numbers were made without a center liner, and bring an additional premium over the higher serial numbered knives. (The reason the center liner was added was to help prevent the blades from rubbing against one another.)


1992 3rd Edition Knife World Knife by Fight’n Rooster, 1 of 500

This knife is a large ‘powderhorn,’ ‘Texas toothpick,’ ‘tickler,’ or whatever you might want to call it. It has a gold washed clip point blade and buffalo horn handles that range from black with white streaks to some that are mostly greenish streaked. A really flashy knife.


1997 4th Edition Knife World Knife by Winchester, 1 of 350

One of the hottest patterns in knife collecting, this 5-blade Sowbelly Stockman measures a full 3-7/8″ long, with honey bone handles, slanted-pinched bolsters, a special Knife World shield, and a blade etch designating each knife as one of 350. Each knife is serial numbered.

Good Luck everyone. And thank you everyone for making this contest a lot of fun along the way.