Ammoland Review: Civivi Tamashii

I can’t even remember now how I met the CIVIVI knife crew. I think maybe via email. But regardless of how we met, I was soon testing out their Civivi Tamashii Fixed Blade Micarta Handle Knife. Right upon pulling it out of the box, I liked it. Since I’m a writer and have to be able to verbalize why I like a knife, certain features or lack of features, I had to study the knife for a few minutes to see why it was so appealing to me.

After studying the Civivi Tamashii Fixed Blade Micarta Handle Knife for a few minutes, it hit me why I liked it. It has a long, thinner blade than is the norm anymore. A big percentage of the straight-bladed hunting knives on the market anymore have some thick-bladed inbred, looking drop point configuration.

After I started writing this review, I had to stop and study the Civivi Tamashii Fixed Blade Micarta Handle Knife a little more. At first glance, you’ll almost think that it is a hybrid clip point/drop point. The tip appears to sweep upwards slightly, but upon further study, you’ll discover that it doesn’t. The spine is almost straight, although the tip just ever so slightly rises up right at the tip.

But regardless of the above, it has a definite point so you can perform all of your stabbing jobs, such as cutting the pattern. By cutting the pattern, I mean making the initial incision into the animal when you’re cutting up the belly line and then the four cuts out to each hoof.

Solid budget choice, as Civivi quality is great. Still getting used to Chinese fixed blades though.

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Civivi Tamashii Fixed Blade Micarta Handle Knife