KnifeNews: Buck Spitfire Gets Limited Time S45VN Upgrade

In case you missed it: the March Buck of the Month was an interesting one, a renovated version of the longstanding 722 Spitfire folder. This variant comes with an all-black color scheme and, more importantly, the presence of a current generation super steel.

The Spitfire predates the Buck’s current phase, which sees the company regularly producing on trend modern folders. For a while, the Spitfire was one of current gen folding designs in the company’s lineup. Aimed at a budget price point, it had a simple all stainless steel handle, lock back mechanism, and 420HC blade steel – the same entry level stuff that appears on a wide swatch of Buck knives, including the standard model 110 Folding Hunter.

I have one. Not a bad modern folder, though there are much more exciting models in Buck’s lineup. Give me a Buck 110 Slim Pro.

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Buck Spitfire Gets Limited Time S45VN Upgrade