Bearing Arms: Butterfly knives might soon be free to fly in Hawaii

On Valentine’s day 2023 we didn’t have just regular expressions of love. Not at all. The 14th was a big day for attorney Alan Beck, with him showing his love for the Second Amendment during oral arguments in a case known as Teter v. Lopez (formerly Teter v. Shikada and Andrew Teter, et al v. Clare Connors, et al). Teter is a challenge to Hawaii’s complete prohibition on the possession and ownership of butterfly knives.

The case is on appeal with the plaintiffs seeking the overturn of the lower court’s opinion. Litigating on behalf of Attorney General Lopez was Robert T. Nakatsuji, First Deputy Solicitor General of Hawaii. The arguments were heard before a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals consisting of Justices: Carlos T. Bea, Daniel Paul Collins, and Kenneth Kiyul Lee. As for the makeup of the panel, Bea is a Bush appointee, and Collins and Lee both Trump appointees.

Not that this has any bearing on most of us,, as we don’t live in Hawaii, nor are any of our readers (to my knowledge) balisong enthusiasts. But the advance of Freedom is a good thing no matter where it occurs.


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