Daily Mail: Giant 7-foot-long ‘demon slaying’ sword is discovered in a 1,600-year-old tomb in Japan

A giant seven-foot-long ‘demon slaying’ sword that lay buried for more than 1,600 years has been found in Japan.

The iron weapon was uncovered in a tomb from the Tomiomaruyama burial mound in Nara, and is believed to have been placed there to help the deceased ward off evil spirits in the afterlife.

Archaeologists discovered a 16-foot-long wooden coffin deep in the mound, which housed the sword and a two-foot-long shield constructed from a mirror.

While many demon-slaying swords have been found in Japan, it is the largest and oldest found in the country.

The ‘national treasures’ suggest that the individual in the tomb was an elite who may have been in the military.

Do.Not.Disturb the grave of the ancient Demon Slayer. It won’t end well for us.

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