Don’t be a Zuck! Shop Small Business this year. (BIG Update 11/26)

It seems like the Great Instagram Shadowban of 2023 was mostly a glitch, but it was simply a matter of scale. Knifemakers are constantly being nerfed by the Zuck, this was just a big enough event to get peoples’ attention. Most of the bans have been reversed, but this happens on a smaller scale all the time.

During my coverage of the “Charlie Foxtrot” I made the pledge to share the websites of knifemakers and others (New Jersey Steel Baron got caught up in in – seriously?!?) who got caught up in this. And I opened this up to anyone who comments on our Facebook post about this since then.

That said, I am going to keep this post up throughout the holidays, and it won’t be limited to those who got hit by bans. Let’s see how much we can all help each other out. If you are a maker, drop your website in the comments, and I will add it to the list. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, it will be held in moderation until I approve it.

While you are at it, if you have never participated in our 5 from the Grinder interview series, click here to participate.

Likewise, if you have not filled out AKTI’s social media survey, please do. While private companies such as IG are free to set their own policies, it takes a bigger voice to even try to get the attention of the social media companies. They have been working on this for some time, and would appreciate your input.

AKTI’s Social Media Censorship Initiative

So without further ado, here is the KNIFE Magazine Holiday 2023 Small Business Directory.

11/26 Update:

Dreadnaught Forge:

Balistuff LLC:

Shaw’s Shanks:

EIII Knives:

Haslinger Custom Knives:

Enso Forge:

Walrus Steel:

Brian Chovanec Handmade Knives:

Robert Tucholski:

Nevermore III Knives:

Kuźnia Kalcifer:

W. Crum Bladesmith:

Howman Forge and Metalworks:

Gaskill Knives:

Varga Knives:

Mike’s Damascus Knives:

Furey’s Urban Combat Knives:

Tarbox Custom Cutlery:


Maverick Custom Knives:

Ross Tyser Custom Knives:

White Knuckle Knives Australia:


Texas Knife Steel:

Lost Wood Knives:


Updated 11/24 4pm

310 Forge:

Pelican Paste:


Morein Made Knives:

Grissom Knife and Tool:


Buccaneer Knives (retailer):

Chuck Cook/ Scout Knives:


The Scrawny Lumberjack:

Paszty Knives:


Jason Fry Custom Knives:


J Hoffman Knives:

Nick Tobin/Picklekutterz :


Rothman Knives:


Allen Newberry:

Alma Knife Co:


Jim Skelton:


Criswell Blacksmithing:

JM Stevens:


Iron Dungeon Forge:


KH Daily Knives:


Tru Balance Throwing Knives:

War Drum Forge:

Red Rock Tools:


ESEE Knives:

Lost Dirt Knife and Tool:

Gillian Knives:


Paragon Kilns:



Original Post Below, New additions above….



CAS Iberia

Fox Handmade Knives:

STA Blades:

Tortuga Bladeworks: