Weekend Open Thread: Tryptophan Hangover Edition

Hey all… I hope that everyone reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or at least a good week (I’m thinking of you Del) if you are not American. Mine was nice. I am thankful for another year of reasonable health, thriving children, and personal means sufficient to weather the current economic malaise. So life is good. And I am thankful.

It is now after Thanksgiving, and one of my busiest days of the year. On top of family things like the neighborhood Christmas Tree decorating party today, I have spent the better part of a full workday on posting black friday deals, sharing makers who got nerfed by instagram, and gathering memes for tonight’s WOT.

How did everyone’s dinner go?

I ate the requisite amount to maintain my ‘Merica card…


Follow me for more Holiday savings tips…


There are no knife shows this weekend, or next, or frankly until January.  But be sure to check the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar after the first of the year, to get yourself set up for spring.

A few more topical memes before we get to this week’s knife drawing. Courtesy of Sharon Weiss and her phenomenal baking skills.

It’s been a while since I have served you all a good Rickroll.

She’s back

Better put on something to ward off the Mariah…

Go Bucks! It is payback time.

At least I didn’t share “Ann Arbor Girls are Dirty Whores”.

On that happy note…it is knife drawing time.

The blue Awanata is sitting on a desk at work, it needs to get sent to Del, who won last week. The last two Rosecraft Blades are the purple and black Tarcanis

and the orange Castorea. Steve T. is the winner and gets his choice. Next week’s winner gets the remaining knife.

Usual rules apply…5 comments or replies are your entries. New commenters get double credit, and if it is your first time commenting, your posts will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After that you will be good to go.

Business out of the way, it is time for the rest of the week’s memey goodness…

I don’t know, but I enjoyed the extra sleep.

I am conflicted on that one.


How many swallows to make your bike fly?

Name something that happens to Elon in a future country song.

Times are tough.

I’d rather live in Busytown.

So would that guy.

He should take a nap.

Just don’t oversleep.

Seemed relevant.

I love this meme template…

Valid reasoning.


More Cowbell!

Took me a minute.

Like driving a toaster.



I had to go over that one a few times.

About time.

No one has time for that.


We don’t deserve dogs. But every puppy should have a kid.

See they look so happy together.

That’s bull-oney.

Transitioning back to current events…

With due apologies for the wet blanket on our weekly dose of escapism, I continue to stand strong in my support of Israel. But I will try to insert a nugget or two of humor as well…

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Speaking of stupid…

Of course the “smart kids” at our elite universities continue to demonstrate their ignorance…

Calling for a ceasefire, and complaining about “genocide”…

Who is being genocided again?

It only matters if the Jooooos did it.

Never Again indeed.

Am Yisrael Chai


Have a good weekend everybody.