Knife Informer: Schrade Radok Review

We know what you’re thinking. Schrade still makes knives? Actually, it would be more accurate to say that Schrade is making knives again.  The history of the brand is long, storied, and troubled.  Dating as far back as 1904, the cutlery company founded by George Schrade eventually became part of a conglomerate of 5 other cutlery brands including the Imperial Knife Company, becoming Imperial Schrade in 1985, operating out of Ellenville New York.  George himself was a forerunner in the automatic knife market, with a patent for his design for a push-button automatic knife back in 1892, another patent in 1907 for a push button automatic with a sliding safety switch, and a nearly 50 year span of being a dominant force in the switchblade market in the US before Congress outlawed the sale of switchblades in 1958, ruining a good time for everyone because they saw West Side Story and got all scared.

I am disappointed to hear that this knife seems to be a bit of a dog. I know we all have high hopes for the return of Schrade.

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Schrade Radok Review