KNIFE Magazine Premium Online Memberships are back! (partially)

Hey everybody, big news. Our web developer has worked out (most of) the kinks in the paid membership side of the site. We have just turned the archive flip-books, the most popular of our paid premium features, back on. Please read this update, and please reach out to us if you have any problems.


We are so excited to announce that our paid online memberships are finally available again! If you have a CURRENT paid online membership, you should be able to log in at This is currently open to existing paid online memberships only. You will not be able to purchase one yet. That’s coming very soon (along with some other very cool stuff)!

If your current (or misremembered) password does not work, there is a password recovery link immediately under the login. It’s also in the menu to the far right.

If you do not have a current paid online membership (paid within the last 12 months) you will not be able to access the membership back end or view any premium materials. If you can’t access, and you believe you have a current paid online membership, please reach out to our web developer at She can double check and give you access if there was any confusion and answer questions about website access.

Please bear with us as we work through the process of updating the website. Right now, paid online memberships will be able to access all the digital issues for 1975-1998 and 2020-2023. We are working on finishing the remaining issues and will have those up very soon.

The online databases will be coming back as well, but those are a little further down the line. We will keep you posted!


If you received a cancellation email, please read below for more explanation.

Cancellation Email and Memberships Returning soon; Login Problems, and other Housekeeping Matters. (UPDATED)