Weekend Open Thread: Game On! Edition

Hey all, I am going to make this a quick one. Don’t really have time for a theme. I spent my office time working on behind the scenes stuff, and I have to get up a 6am for a full day of lacrosse games.

But y’all need your weekly dose of memes, we have knife shows to share, and of course our Browning flashlight giveaway.

As I said, I didn’t have the bandwidth to come up with a theme for tonight, so I will just serve up a giant heaping pile of trash panda nirvana for you.

Or I am just lazy.

But I make the rules here.

I might be nuts, or I am just Petty.


But not this Petty.Don’t Judge me. Willem is all seeing.


November is too far away to save that one.

Speaking of the calendar, it is a big weekend on the KNIFE Magazine Event Calendar. (as always, ignore the previous year(s) date listed in the preview)

Mark is at the Oregon Show

Oregon Knife Show

KNIFE Magazine Staff Correspondent Bryan Wyszkowski is part of the team putting on the Lehigh Valley Show:

Lehigh Valley Knife Show

And for folks who like things more hands-on, there is the Piney Woods ABS Hammer In:

ABS Piney Woods Hammer In

2 events next weekend as well…

James Black’s Bowie Heritage Festival

Wolverine Knife Collectors Club Michigan Show

And now, back to our show…

Fun Fact: The carbon footprint of the Titanic is essentially carbon neutral.

Scary stuff…


I think Brupper sounds like a good idea. I just want to know when is Second Breakfast.

I have Harbor Freight Jack Stands, and I would never shove a handgun in my underwear.

Every time. Unless you use mayonnaise as glue.

Never. Ever.

Seen near Del’s house.

Del has invited me to come fishing one day.

That turned dark quickly.

What is everyone’s bear protection of  choice?

And favorite implement of protein acquisition?


Karen is Gangsta like that.

It’s like they were drawn at random. Like our weekly prize winner.

As far as our weekly drawing, Dan Q, a relatively new commenter, and in the interest of full disclosure a friend of mine, wins the Browning Kirabo flashlight.

Next week’s drawing is for a Browning Auric assisted flipper. It has a super crisp action, a solid framelock, and an interesting 3-toned design with g10 and aluminum scales on the “show side” and the same bronze coating on the blade and frame.

I think it is one of the best of the modern EDC’s included in Browning’s 2023 collection.

Usual rules apply – 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries, and if you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve the first ones. After that you are good to go.

On to Round 3:

Life is hard. Get a helmet.

It is enough to give one anxiety.

No good segue, but accurate…

Simply accurate…

I bet this dude discovered this talent while stretching a sore back.


Or he was just channeling his inner child…

Couldn’t help it.

Or that.

How does it make you feel?

I am probably a 3 right now. He looks tired and a little worried about coaching a lacrosse game in the morning.

So I must be off for the night, but my eternal quest continues….

Every week. Have a good one all.