Knife Magazine Publisher Mark Zalesky on The Knife Junkie Podcast

I listen to more than a half dozen knife podcasts, but there are only a few that distinguish themselves ahead of the rest. One of my favorites is Bob DeMarco’s “The Knife Junkie Podcast“. Bob “The Knife Junkie” partners with Jim “The Knife Noob”, to put out a lot of quality content each week, including some great interviews with makers, designers, and other industry figures.

For Episode 70 Bob interviews our very own fearless leader – Mark Zalesky. In a wide ranging discussion, Mark explains his background as a collector, his role as Publisher of Knife Magazine, delves into the history of the bowie knife and myriad other topics.

You can check out the Knife Junkie’s archives here. Over the course of 70 episodes, they have interviewed a ton of big names from around the knife world, including Jim Bruhns of Hogue, Allen Elishewitz, Doug Ritter, Bob Terzuola, Jim Skelton, Elijah Isham, and lots more.

For your listening enjoyment, you can listen to Mark’s interview in several different podcast players and formats, a couple of which I will directly embed below.





I know Mark enjoyed recording this, and while I am certainly biased, it is a great interview.