KNIFE Magazine’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Sales Guideapalooza

Hey everybody.  The turkey has been eaten and the tryptophan is kicking in, but who has time for a food coma when there are deals to be perused?

As has been the case each year, I will compile all the deals I can find, and the newer items will be posted at the top. If you find something you would like to suggest, please do so in the comments.

This post will be updated throughout the next few weeks, so check back regularly.

Cyber Monday Update:

KnifeCenter Cyber Monday Page:

Outdoor Life:

It’s an Amazon link farm, but a good list.





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Field and Stream Cyber Monday Guide:

It is an Amazon link farm, but a good list of knives on sale and how much they are discounted.



Friday Evening Update:

DLT Trading:

Jim Cobb sent me this one…some good deals, worth checking out.




Rob Wayman Knives:

Jason Knight:

Friday Morning 1st update (11am):

This is the low hanging fruit that has landed in my lap this morning.  I just finished the Don’t be a Zuck! post, and wanted to post these before I started looking again.


Smoky Mountain Knife Works:



10% off with code Thanksgiving23


AG Russell:

Use Code: ED2311-4B


Thanksgiving night update:

BladeHQ: (–Black-Friday–397)

You had me at Dessert Warrior Mora Clipper…

Hogue Knives: (

Gerber Gear: (Black Friday Link)


Rosecraft Blades: (   Black Friday Email click here

Big Slipjoint Sale….


AMTAC Blades: (

Gratitude. Thanking God for the many blessings He has given us. I am grateful for God saving me, I am grateful for my family, I am grateful that I get to live in the freest Nation on earth, I am grateful for my church, my community, my work……and many, many more things.
We launched Amtac Blades on Thanksgiving Day of 2018 and we are continuing our tradition of holding our biggest sale on this day.

This year we are introducing two new items. The Amtac Blades Battle Axe and the NorthmanF folder.

The Amtac Blades Battle Axe

The Amtac Blades Battle Axe is designed from the ground up as a fighting axe. The Battle Axe is inspired by a Danish style of axe which has a top point that allows for forward thrusting and a bottom point that allows for hooking.

The Amtac Blades NorthmanF

Although in most situations fixed blade knives are to be preferred over folders, there may be times when a folder is needed. It is for those times we created the NorthmanF. Like our other blades the NorthmanF was designed with combatives and backcountry in mind with edge geometry optimized for thrusting and with a toughness to handle backcountry chores.

Starting at 0900PST on Thanksgiving, all of our Blades will be discounted $50 and Amtac Shooting students can use their normal student discount on top of that for a total savings of $100.


SOG: (

20% off sitewide…

Rick Hinderer Knives: (

New Card Series knives dropping at midnight, and lots of merch.

With the movement of our website onto a new platform scheduled for early 2024, we have created a temporary site on the that same platform for this year’s Card Series. So, at 12:00pm EST on Black Friday, our Card Series for 2023 will be available for purchase. No reserve stock and PayPal will not be available.

With the new site, we understand there may be concerns regarding the payment process and completing check out so, currently on the site, we have a TEST item at the top of the home page where you can make a purchase and ensure it is working properly. We will issue a refund for this test purchase as soon as we are able to. This will also give you the opportunity to view the structure of the site and where your preferred finish, color and Steel Flame Element will be located on the home page.

Leading up to the drop, the site will go into maintenance mode to allow us the opportunity to put the items in stock and then the site will be active again at drop time. You CAN be on the link while the site is down and refresh at the time of the drop.


Knives Ship Free: (

Lots of sales, including 50% off the Spyderco Mall Fly 2 balisong.

I think your best bet is to just click the link above, but there is much more at, KSF’s house blog.

KSF Kicks off Black Friday Early with Spyderco Specials

[UPDATED] More Black Friday Deals Go Live at KSF


Olight: (

Hoffner: (

BOGO on everything…Knives, Training Classes, Merch…