KnifeInformer: QSP Swordfish Review

When we reviewed our first QSPknife last year, it was really a shot across the bow in terms of quality for a budget knife.  The Gannet front flipper blew us away with its high level of finish, immaculate front flipper deployment action, exotic materials and attention to detail for the $80 price point.  If you’re into QSP’s USP (the brand is an acronym for Quality, Service, Price after all) the good news is they release new models at a healthy pace.  Today we’re dipping our toes back into the pool with the Swordfish folder, an intriguing piece of cutlery with yet another reasonable price tag.

QSP names all their models after animals – the Gannet, for instance, is a large white seabird that hunts for fish by plunge diving, like pelicans or osprey.  Gannets probably aren’t attempting to dive-bomb any swordfish, which reach lengths of around 10 feet and 50-200 pounds.  Oh, and they can swim at speeds up to 50 miles an hour with their long boney nose that they use to slash and injure their prey.  So, a pretty badass animal and a righteous namesake.

We gave away a couple of QSP knives last year. Well made. The Penguin in particular is well regarded.

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QSP Swordfish Review