KnifeNews: Justin Lundquist Turns Feist Folder into Custom Fixed Blade

Justin Lundquist is giving fans of the Feist something new to fiend for with the Feist Fixed Blade. These custom pieces present the well-known design in an entirely new light, and may be the first of several different fixed blades from Lundquist.

Lundquist tells us that he has always wanted to make a fixed blade version of his famous front flipper. “I have thought about it for years, I just haven’t gotten to it until now.” Sometimes folders don’t translate well into fixies, but Lundquist says the Feist’s fundamentals were a perfect blueprint. “I think the size of the original Feist will work well as a fixed blade that can be carried in the front pocket,” Lundquist continues. “I kept the same blade to handle ratio as the folder. This means the handle is a tad longer than the blade. This keeps the knife compact while still allowing a full four finger grip.”

I like this one a lot. I wonder who he will get to produce it for the mass market. Small fixed blades are the new hot trend in my opinion. This, the MKM TPF, and many more are beginning to make waves.

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Justin Lundquist Turns Feist Folder into Custom Fixed Blade