Ammoland: New from Smith & Wesson- Bullseye Ultimate Throwing Combo

At the 2023 SHOT Show, I circled by the Smith & Wesson booth and met up with their marketing guru Keli. She showed me their knives, and as I was about to leave, she showed me the Smith & Wesson Bullseye Ultimate Throwing Combo and asked me if I’d be interested in testing it out. I said sure, I’ve messed around some with throwing knives, and they’re a fun hobby when you’re sitting around camp bored.

I know a guy (Ryan Perrion) in Aberdeen, SD, that is the #2 hatchet thrower in America, plus he owns Hub City Axe Throwing, which is what I’d call an indoor axe throwing range. He’d be a good guy to help me test out the Smith & Wesson Bullseye Ultimate Throwing Combo.


  1. Four throwing cards.
  2. Three 8-inch throwing knives.
  3. Three 10-inch cleavers.
  4. Three throwing hatchets.

One thing about throwers is they are cheap. These are, but there are so many in the kit that it is not longer inexpensive.

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Smith & Wesson Bullseye Ultimate Throwing Combo