Our Current Technical Difficulties Explained

Hi Folks, after more than 40 years as the longest running and best monthly publication in the knife industry, we can safely say we know print and have a good handle on that side of the media landscape. We are much newer to the digital side of things, and from time to time this rears its ugly head.

We are hosted by the WordPress platform, which is constantly updating itself. Unfortunately, we have run into a situation where the latest version of WordPress causes a fatal error in our ability to create and edit website posts, due to the custom coding in the Neverending Newsfeed. It turns out that the Newsfeed has a bunch of code that is not compatible with the new upgrade.

We have sicked the Website Gnomes on the problem, but it seems to be buried pretty deep. There is a workaround that is allowing me to post here “Above the Fold”, and I will do so in the coming days as we work to getting things back to normal.