Hey Everybody…

It is finally here. SHOT Show 2023. I missed it last year. Mark went.

2021 was cancelled, and companies got good at doing product reveals over Zoom. Many, such as Victorinox and ZT may never return to the show. It is an expensive proposition to put on a SHOT Booth. I am not surprised that the show is changing.

I have a couple of more hours of a layover until I board the flight to Vegas, so I might try to get a post or two out. The internet is pretty lousy here in the Houston airport, so we will see how successful I am.

Stay tuned. I will be posting a bunch this week either way.

p.s. – No, this post is not a 5.11 ad, They just make great gear and I was able to get everything I needed into it so I didn’t have to check a bag.  I have schlepped the laptop bag to work 3+ years now.