Weekend Open Thread: Full of Gas Edition

Hey everyone. After a week with no meme theme, we have a pair this week. First, the media freakout over gas stoves, which was one of the lamest attempts I have ever seen to manufacture a problem out of whole cloth.

Smells like victory.

When they outlaw gas stoves, only outlaws will have gas stoves.

Always good advice.

Then there is the egg shortage, which is patently ridiculous as well.

It is a touching scene really.


It is really getting bad out there.

Scarface likes eggs.


If you don’t go to Kroger, you can go to the Jason Knight fundraising benefit on Sunday:

Franklin Forge to host benefit for Jason Knight Shop Fire recovery

There isn’t anything on the Event Calendar until next weekend’s Antique arms and Armor Show.

Las Vegas Antique Arms Show

Other than SHOT Show of course which is coming up starting Monday. Expect posting to be a bit strange next week.

Hoping to avoid this on the way to SHOT Show.

This too. I could have gone with the airline grounding for a theme this week, or I could have just looked at the calendar.

But that would have been too easy.

This is my life right now:

I actually made that one myself. It is tearing it up in Lacrosse Coaching Groups on Facebook.

I hope all of our readers are having a more tranquil time of it. One of you is going to win a knife.

Congrats Hocky.  You win the BeyondEDC Kibuga. I know it is an import, but BeyondEDC was founded by industry mainstay David Sun. Who lives in Texas, and attended USC and UCLA. I have known David for as long as I have been in the industry.

The knife is quite solid, and a fairly interesting design. It is on its way, as is Del’s pocket organizer. I know I owe someone a QSP Penguin, but I keep forgetting to bring it back into to the office to ship.

This week we have the BeyondEDC Arch, which I thin k is my favorite of the knives David has given to us to give away.Rock solid liner lock, with some nice styling. Crisp action for sure.

Usual rules apply, up to 5 comments and replies can be used as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first round of comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. I will get to it shortly.

Good luck everyone.


Apparently WWE is about to be sold to the Saudis. I haven’t paid much attention since back when the Iron Sheik was a thing.

Creepy Dad Joke.

Rickrolled. My classic 1-2 punch.


Scary but true.

Publishing humor.

Sage advice.

He isn’t getting his own personal WOT, but that meme goes out to Del.


Mitch Hedberg had a bit about that.

No cigarettes. But otherwise close.


I fell for it at first.

Mmm. Tasty.

Joe Flowers Beware.

That had me laughing way more than it should have.

You don’t really need to pick them up, do you?

That broke my brain. And someone has too much time on their hands.

Benjamin Judge For.the.Win.

Seems like a good topic for the comment section.


There won’t be a WOT next weekend. I am not going to have time to gather memes while doing the whole SHOT Show thing. Plus I am traveling back to Knox on Friday, arriving home just in time to spend a couple of hours with my my family on my son’s birthday.There should be plenty of content to comment on throughout the week. Perfect timing on getting the Recent Comments box up and running.

My birthday is while I am at SHOT as well, which is a mixed blessing, On one hand I am away from my family, but on the other hand I will be in Vegas with a bunch of friends who I only see a couple of times a year.Dogwood Dan Eastland will be there, not as an exhibitor, rather he will be there on a Media pass via his Podcast with Kyle Daily.- Knife Perspective Podcast . Andersen, Joe Flowers, Josh Swanagon, and so many more. The friends I made on my Buck Knives visit a couple of months ago will be there. It is going to be a big week.

Then lacrosse starts up the week after. But I can talk more about that in a future thread.

At least it will be again soon. Have a great weekend everyone.