Website Updates in Progress, details within….

Hey everybody…

We are doing some website maintenance this week, and so you all may notice some snags, hangups, and other website mishaps for the next few days. Specifically, we are working on updating the membership portal software. Some of the things you will notice for a couple of days…

  • Member logins are temporarily disabled
  • (consequentially) Commenting on posts is temporarily disabled
  • Paywalled posts are unavailable

Publicly accessible areas of the site will remain online and visible. This will not affect people who have only used the site to make book and back issue purchases.

People with accounts will likely receive emails about their membership status. This is autogenerated and can be ignored. I will post again towards the end of the week when things are back up and running. You may receive a second email detailing the updates and any change to the login process.

In the mean time if you have any problems, please be patient for a day or two. Things will likely sort themselves out without any action required on your part. Not much should change beyond a simplification of the process. If, once I have made another post about the updates being finished, then drop an email to

Thanks for your patience everyone. We will get this back up and better than ever in a short time.