Weekend Open Thread: Existential Christmas Edition

Hey Everyone, I am late getting this up because we lost power Christmas Eve around 9:30pm, and it stayed off until Christmas Morning, at which time I was doing Christmas and family stuff. Such is the price of a White Christmas. Knoxville got about 5 inches of snow, ans it actually has stuck around for more than a couple of hours.

The kids spend several hours outside sledding and having a wonderful Christmas experience. It was just what we all needed. The current political/pandemic/2020 clusterf@ck/etc. has me pretty cheesed off to say the least. But with the snow and all, Christmas felt like my own childhood, and frankly we would have done nothing differently any other year.  I was able to let go, and just enjoy Christmas. Unlike this poor fella…

Even super heroes get the blues this time of year.

So how was everyone else’s Christmas? Get anything sharp and pointy? If Stuart B. wants the Large Spyderco Shirt, I drew his entry from last week. If not, we will figure something out.

This week I have an AG Russell Ti-FIST. It is an import, but AG Russell Knives has a reputation for importing some of the highest quality Chinese knives available under a private label. Hocky won’t approve, but it is a nice D2 flipper, and the price will be right for the winner. Usual rules apply – 5 comments/replies are eligible as entries, and if you are new here, your comment will be held in moderation until I approve it. After your first approval your posts will go up automatically if you allow cookies and provide an email address.

You can read more about the Ti-FIST here.

Well this escalated quickly..

Not themed, but it made me laugh…

But this one hit too close to home to be really funny…

Not sure what Brazil did, but most of it seems on point.

At least the new year is coming.


Have a good one everybody.