White River Knives Giveaway

White River Knives Giveaway (and the winner of our Tighe contest announced)

Lat week marked the end of our latest knife giveaway. Congrats, to KNIFE Magazine print subscriber Steve B and thank you to Brian Tighe for providing such an amazing knife for us to give away.

With the ending of one contest, it is time to announce another. For each of the next two months, we are giving away a knife from White River Knives.

The first drawing will be held on January 15th, and the winner will get their choice of the White River Fc7 or the FC 3.5 PRO. Both come with Kydex sheaths and ferro rods, as well as a nice wooden gift box.

Our usual contest rules apply:

All entries must be submitted by midnight, February 13th, 2021.  Entries made past this time will be excluded from the competition.  The winners will be announced on or about January 15th and February 15th.

All registrants for the contest get ONE entry.

Knife Magazine Print Subscribers will AUTOMATICALLY get an additional  entry if they select yes when prompted

KnifeMagazine.com Premium Online members will also AUTOMATICALLY get an additional entry if they select yes when prompted

(All subscriptions and memberships are verified by our staff.)

Wait!  Before you enter, we would like to give you the option to purchase a Premium Online Membership at a discount and get that second entry!  Click here to purchase, and use code WHITERIVER to save 25%… then come back to this form and finish your entry!  (The purchase link opens in a new tab, so you won’t lose this one.)

The maximum number of entries for any individual is three, provided all criteria is met.

International readers are eligible to enter, though they are responsible for shipping and Customs. Domestic US shipping is on us.

A big thank you to White River Knives for sponsoring these next two months of giveaways. Both knives are rock solid with fantastic ergos. I am partial to the 3.5, as it has some EDC potential as well.

Good Luck Everyone.