Weekend Open Thread: Granting Wishes Edition

(I fixed the feature photo. For some reason it wasn’t posting. The title should make more sense now)

Good evening folks. I am continuing where I left off last week, forgoing current event memes for the time being until there is something to laugh about in the news.

It has been a pretty crazy week, especially for the week after Press. 2021 reveals are coming in fast, and next week brings Online SHOT Show and the start of lacrosse practice. I am really not ready for that.

I had spoken with my contact at Work Sharp last week while researching a piece for my Knife News column and our discussion turned to sharpening woodworking tools. I had been unaware that a while back they had released a Work Sharp Wood Tool Sharpener. I have always been partial to my Tormek when it comes to my chisels and hand planes, but I told him I was willing to give it a try.

It is a no BS unit. It is fairly heavy, and the 1/5hp motor feels pretty powerful. It moves _alot_ faster than I was expecting. I am definitely going to read the whole instruction manual before turning it loose on my nice hand tools. I am getting a good sense of how it works, and the advantage it has over the Tormek is that no extra jigs are required, which can really add up in price on top of what is already more expensive than the Work Sharp.

Here is how it works on chisels:

Stuart B. is the winner of the Case trucker hat, but as this is a fairly small prize, I am going to waive the sit out a week rule and let his comments on today’s post count for this week’s contest.

It is for the CRKT M40-15. The big one.

It features a 3.99″ blade, the Flavio Ikoma Deadbolt lock, and really fills the hand. I am a bit verklempt having to send this one out. The other usual rules apply, 5 comments or replies count as entries, and if you are new to the blog, your first comment will be held in moderation until I approve it. After that, provided you have cookies on, your comments will post automatically.

I thought of Hocky with this meme, so I figured I would share. Of course he served on submarines, so he didn’t even get to see that.


This is also a Hocky meme, but goes out to all who engaged in the SPAM discussion a couple of weeks back.

At least something good will come out of 2021.

Have a good one folks.