Weekend Open Thread: I’m over it. (and a second-chance CRKT Montosa drawing)

Or if you prefer…

Happy Friday Everyone. We made it through another week. I spent 2 days on the water, flyfishing in the GSMNP. Sunday was with my daughter, and then again on Thursday with my buddy Sean. Low water, but reasonably solid fishing.

I actually did get a knife this week (and an awesome pen from Cmeat), in case you missed it:


I really like the Banter, even without my personal connection to Ben.

Hocky won’t like it, since it is made in China, but it is not junk. I understand his American-made point of view, and am certainly sympathetic. It will be interesting to see if that point of view shows up in the cash register receipts in the coming months, as it always out-polls its real-world sales data.

Speaking of the future of the knife industry:

Knife Industry Reopens Amid Changing Landscape

My first paid writing gig was at a local weekly paper in Idaho. As much as I enjoy writing reviews and the like, it is nice to do actual “journalisming”. I am pretty proud of it.

How are y’all doing? It seems like the overall situation is relatively unchanged from last week. What the anarchist morons are losing in intensity (the mayhem is less widely spread), they are making up for in significance. The sight of the George Washington statue being toppled in Portland made me physically ill. It isn’t about George Floyd. It is about destroying America. Sod them. The “protests” have long exhausted my goodwill.

In better news, we are giving away the CRKT Montosa again. It turns out our winner , “Melina” , works at Smoky Mountain Knife Works, and opted to donate the knife back for us to give away again. So other than Steve T., who is the winner of last week’s Fight’n Rooster, the rest of you can enter up to 5 comments or replies. Remember: If you are a first time commentor, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve the first one. So be patient. After I hit your first one, you will be free to post at will.

Here is the Montosa, for those who have forgotten:

You can talk about current events, fishing, my new knife, your new knife, pretty much anything you’d like. It is the Weekend Open Thread, make it yours. Be well everyone.


Here is last week’s open thread. I backdated it to make room on the homepage:

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