Weekend Open Thread: Literally Stupid Edition

Howdy everyone.

I want to start by saying our thoughts and prayers are with all involved in the Kabul evacuation, and in particular those families who have lost loved ones. As difficult as it is to watch the scenes coming out of Afghanistan, I can’t imagine how hard it is for those who shed their blood there. It is hard to laugh in a situation where I am so angry, but I am going to try to brighten your weekend anyway.


In case you aren’t terribly plugged in, this week’s distraction from reality has been the “Milk Crate Challenge” where people stack milk crates into a staircase, attempt to climb said staircase of milk crates, and usually proceed to fail spectacularly.


I am old school like that.

Speaking of old school, the ABS has their Mid-America Bladesmithing Symposium this weekend

ABS Mid-America Bladesmithing Symposium & Knife Show

The Gateway Area Knife Club Cutlery Fair is also taking place.

Gateway Area Knife Club Cutlery Fair

Remember that you can always check the Events Calendar to see what shows are coming up.

Last week we continued our Vero Engineering contest. So far Cmeat and Mark R. both have one “token” in the pool. First person to be drawn twice wins the knife. This week, Hocky gets added to the list, unless he wants another Goins Encyclopedia or Military Knife Reference Guide.

We are taking a week off from that contest, to be continued next week. This week we have a KnifePurveyor.com cleaning kit, the same one that is shown in the video I shared this morning.


The usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries, and first time commenters will be held in moderation until I approve their comments. Be patient, I will get to it. Entries are accepted all week, until I write next weekend’s thread.

Go check out their newly redesigned website. https://www.knifepurveyor.com/

This rings true more everyday.

The Enterprise would have been cooler with a Firebird logo. And Snowman should be driving.

I do have one almost knife themed meme. Or at least a melee weapon meme. Please pardon the language.

Last week I shared a few memes that were related to the debacle in Kabul, as dark humor is an outlet and a defensive mechanism. There have been some whoppers, but most are way too political for this forum. But there was one series of Sun Tzu parodies that I thought were clever, and let’s face it – One does not need to be a military genius to see that this has been a fiasco.  Here are two of the best.


What a cluster.

Finally, a legend was lost this week. Requiescat in Pace Mr. Charlie Watts.


Not the flashiest drummer, but as tight as they come. The man was a human metronome. I will let him play you out. Have a good weekend.

(Who would have thought he would be the first to go?)