Weekend Open Thread: Sunny Florida Edition

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Hey All,

I began to gather these memes when the storm was still moderate and days from landfall. Turns out that this was “the Big One”, and not a joke at all.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. And not just those in Florida. This thing is clobbering the Carolinas too, with one of the stranger tracks I can remember seeing.

None of these memes are particularly disrespectful, but a bit of gallows humor is a coping mechanism, and these are shared with that in mind.


Solid strategy. Just be sure to give the good boi or gurl their bacon reward you cheapskate.



You will regret it later.

Told you so.

Whatever works.

I love that that template is still going.

Or use the local weatherman…


Or use local signboards.

Only one show on our events calendar this weekend:

Twin Cities Knife Show

…but there are a couple of big events next weekend.

Bowie’s Memorial Hammer-In

This is apparently the resurrection of a once well regarded gathering in upper East Tennessee. Mark will be there, but I can’t make it.

Photos are from the 2009 event.

There is also a quaint little gathering in Salt Lake City, namely Blade Show West…

Blade Show West

A few more of the memes I found were current event related.

Seriously. I feel badly for folks affected, but the only ones who will get rich off this are the class action lawyers.

I disagree entirely with this meme. Judge will be the king when he hits #62.

What a cluster&*$#.

Not that I gave a rats derriere about Adam Levine, but this cracked me up.

Speaking of music…

RIP Coolio.

A bit too close to the mark for our current situation…

Current event? Or future?


I better get on the giveaway drawing then…Hocky is our first token winner for the first of the BeyondEDC knives.

We are giving away a pair of BeyondEDC “Arch” folders in a bit of a modified  “Two Token” drawing format.

You need to be drawn two non-consecutive weeks to win. Your first draw gets you a “token” toward winning the knife.

If you are a new commenter on the Weekend Open Thread, and you are not drawn as a token holder when we give away the first knife, you will automatically receive a token towards the second, and thus will be one drawing away from the win. Regular commenters’ first token carries over to the second knife as well. I know it intrudes on our existing group’s private knife giveaway forum, but I really need to boost the engagement.

Good luck to all, and thanks David Sun and BeyondEDC for sharing these great knives with us.

With that out of the way, here we go with the rest of this week’s memes.

That meme might put me off ginger ale for 20 minutes or so.

I remember being the remote.

Gross. But not wrong.

Gross. But funny.

Not Gross, but savage.


That would keep the parents away at any rate.

Personally, I think this destroys the fake moon landing argument better than anything I have ever seen…


People of the Knife can relate…

Unfortunately, this is true…

And the meme of the week…

Yeah…I just can’t top that one.

So once more I shall set off in search of memey goodness to share with you next week.

Have a good weekend y’all.