Weekend Open Thread: The Song Remains the Same Edition

I don’t care per se, but it makes for a great weekly theme.  It was inevitable that such a high-profile publicity-stunt relationship would be a highly memeable event.


Wake up Sheeple! This is really important!

To everyone but Brittany Mahomes that is…

For those unaware, KC’s QB, Patrick Mahomes (from all the commercials) has a wife who is constantly crying out for attention on social media. I am sure she didn’t like being upstaged in her husband’s home stadium.

The “vaccines” probably saved lives on balance among at-risk populations, but Kelce is as fit and healthy of an individual you will find, at least until T-Swizzle gets finished with him. The bigger risk is ending up as another break-up song.

With the theme-memes out of the way, it is time for the Events Calendar.

Two big ones this weekend…

Lost Pines Knife Show

Bowie’s Memorial Hammer-In

Mark will be at the Hammer-In.  I believe he is giving a talk saturday morning.

Next weekend the ABS Smoky Mountain Hammer in is cancelled…

CANCELED – ABS Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-In

And the week following is Blade Show West. Is anyone going?

Blade Show West


There are a bunch of odds-and-ends memes related to recent themes…

Goes well with the Pumpkin Spiced SPAM from last week.

Might be the first taco I don’t want…


I actually prefer spring. Mosquitoes or not.

F35 memes are still around, I hadn’t seen these 3.

Surprised I didn’t see this one before midweek.

Memes within memes are my favorite.

Stop trying to make WuFlu a thing again…

Finally, this is evergreen as a current event…

Moving on to our giveaway…

Hocky is the winner this week, if he would like to claim one of the 4 remaining knives, he is welcome to. We all know how he feels about Chinese-made knives, but maybe the pedigree of the M16 will pique his interest. If not, I will draw 2 winners next week.

Usual rules apply, up to 5 comments and replies count as your entries, and if you are new to the blog, your entries count double in your first week. Your first comments will be held back until I can approve them, so don’t worry if you don’t see them right away.

Good luck to you all.

I forgot to post a musical selection the past couple of weeks. This one goes out to my Brother who introduced me to Rev. Payton and who brought my niece down for a visit this week.

A bit different, but I’d rather listen to them than Taylor Swift.

But vegans seem so healthy.

You can play your Yamaha guitar while destroying your neighbors.

I’m not saying it was aliens…

But it was aliens.

Better than speaking Italian to a goat.

I missed that one.

Wasn’t that the South Park pilot?

Good boi go boom.

Karma is a bitch, don’t be your cellmate’s.

“It’s over Jim”.

Don’t do it.

I don’t blame this dog a bit…

Still a good boi.

They should make planes out of old 3310s.



It really was.

THe pilot will start to sweat when you turn off the fan.

YOu can try tying a pork chop around your neck as well.

Stick to Jui-Jitsu dude.


A cow in the window is actually pretty scary

there is actually someone who lives inside of the machine.

Hes just preparing to fight VIkings.

Too Soon?…

Also too soon…

Spolier alert: The Rat did win.



You were lured into complacency by the lack of Rickrolls the past few weeks.


This is funny…

Skynet still struggles with hands.

I don’t believe it.

Poor guy. Hope he doesn’t sneeze.

Truth. I think I sprained my kidneys.

All of the above.


Godzilla is harder to train than a T-rex.

Well defended argument.

Roman Empire, pre-decline.

Enough to give you whiplash.

It’s honest work.

That’s all for tonight. I will let the Big Damn Band play you out.

Have a happy one folks.