Weekend Open(ing) Thread…Unhunkering Underway and a CRKT Pilar Giveaway

Happy Friday Everyone. Things have been opening up for the past 2 weeks, and despite the wishes of the Karens and Coronabros, things in Knox County, Tennessee look pretty good.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Knox County Health Department reported no new COVID-19 cases on Friday.

Knox County reported 67 active cases on Friday, unchanged from Thursday.

The total number of recovered cases remained at 233. Recovered cases refer to those who have been released from isolation after seven days from their onset of symptoms, plus 72 hours of being symptom-free. Recovered does not mean necessarily the person had to be hospitalized.

There are no Knox County patients currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, down from one hospitalization reported Thursday. Of the 305 cases, 37 of them have resulted in hospitalization at any point during the illness and five deaths.

Sure am glad we completely wrecked the economy in the process.


Its ok…they were “non-essential”.

The curve has been flattened. Hospitals are not overwhelmed. We can’t sit around waiting for a vaccine that may not even work. We can protect the vulnerable, protect ourselves, and most importantly make educated risk assessments in how we as free people wish to conduct ourselves. Its time to dig ourselves out of this hole.

I am not saying run around licking each other in public, but we can go about most aspects of our lives responsibly.


I am pulling together a third installment of my Covid series for the July issue – this time covering the knife industry’s reopening. I dropped by Smoky Mountain Knife Works on Wednesday, and witnessed firsthand the measures that they have taken in their showroom to protect both staff and customers. While there, I sat down with Tyler Pipes, SMKW’s COO and son of the founder. We discussed how Smoky has weathered the storm, the path forward, and how he sees larger industry trends unfolding in the short and mid term. This morning I had a similar interview over the phone with CJ Buck.

Enough about me, how are y’all. Drop us a line in the comments on that topic or whatever suits your fancy. It is Weekend Open Thread time.

This weekend we are giving away a CRKT Pilar with Copper Scales. It’s pretty neat. I hope the winner will send us some photos after it patinas.

Obviously, the weight is different for this copper model, but the specs are otherwise correct.

Nick Shabazz likes it, other than the expected ergonomic nitpicks.

One last note, since I have moved these Open Threads “Above the fold”, I am backdating last week’s to unclutter the homepage. You can view it and the comments here:

Weekend Open Thread – What’s Next? Murder Hornets and a CRKT Montosa giveaway


That is all I have for tonight. It is your turn. Congrats to Melina winner of last week’s Montosa. The rest of you can enter with up to 5 comments or replies.


Be well everyone.