Bearing Arms: Coast XP11R 2100 lumen rechargeable LED flashlight review

I had the chance to chat up one of the representatives – great woman by the way – at the Coast booth at SHOT Show 2023 and got to know more about their product line. Coast is a company that’s been run by three generations of the Brands family. They got their start making heavy duty filet knives and their product line has expanded over the years to include many different products. Before I left off, the representative said she’d be sending me a care package to do some evaluations on. The box of goods came and I had an opportunity to put to the test the XP11R 2100 lumen LED rechargeable flashlight.

The XP11R is a well constructed light designed for use in adverse conditions. The light is not waterproof, however it is “weather proof.” Most of what Coast puts out is designed for occupational settings and the XP11R would fit well into that category. This is not a light that I’d classify as or use as an everyday carry unit, however it would make itself right at home in a tool bag/box, work truck, in the optional belt holster, and even deliver for those that might be engaged in outdoor activities like camping.

Included with the light is a USB charging cable which can go from a USB C charging port, to the USB C port on the light. The cable also has a wire to go from a USB A charging port to the USB C port on the light. Included is a proprietary lithium battery, a COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery, and an adapter that’ll allow users to power the lamp with AAA batteries.

Coast has solid reputation in the flashlight realm in particular.

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