KnifeNews: James Brand Joins up with Sitka Gear for First Kitchen Knife

Prior to Blade Show, James Brand released its latest knife, the Anzick. This is a piece of high-end kitchen cutlery, produced in collaboration with Sitka Gear and designed specifically to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

In the enthusiast sector, interest in kitchen knives has grown and grown over the years – that’s no secret. In that process many of us have learned that, just as there’s no single tool that can encompass all the possible meanings of a “pocket knife,” there’s such a tremendous variety in application, style, and design in kitchen knives that a single term like “chef knife” could never have a sole, indisputable meaning.

Sitka Gear has a solid reputation. James Brand? They are known for skipping the knife community and marketing directly to hipsters who don’t know better.

At $499, it seems to be one of the least overpriced offerings in their lineup if it is actually a good knife. For reference, a Murray Carter is about $750.