Victorinox announces SAK ALOX Limited Edition 2023 Collection

We’re excited to introduce the NEW Victorinox Swiss Army Knives ALOX Limited Edition 2023 Collection, which includes the classic SD, Pioneer X and Hunter Pro
The brand’s 9th limited-edition ALOX collection, the trio of products was designed in a color-way characterized as “electric yellow” brimming with optimistic energy and power.  Each iconic Swiss Army Knife comes printed with 2023 on the back and is punched from aluminum, embossed and anodized in a subsequent Eloxal process stage to protect against damage and corrosion and give the scales their striking color.
Known for quality, functionality, innovation and design, the Swiss Army Knife has quickly become a favorite among a younger generation and is the perfect daily companion you will never want to leave home without!
In the true spirit of adventure, all of the limited editions push the boundaries in terms of aesthetics, creativity and engineering and propel the products from high-quality, global accessories and outdoor gear to unique collector’s items.  They celebrate seasonal events, foster collaborations and showcase expertly crafted scales, pioneering materials or exclusive form and color: they are truly unique.
Always fun to see what Victorinox comes up with for their ALOX color each year. I like this one a lot.