Weekend Open Thread: More Cowbell Edition

Howdy folks.  This week’s theme was inspired by Hocky’s comment that the Spyderco Matriarch 2 needs “more serrations”. And a meme was born…

Hopefully most of you get the reference. I had to explain this one to Cmeat. It is my favorite meme of the week…

A bit too much going on in that one. And the reference is more than 20 years old.

So how is everyone doing? Did you have a good Halloween? We were at the lacrosse tournament until late Sunday, and missed trick or treating. But I am proud of my girls.


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This weekend I will be headed back to Sevier County, this time for the Spirit of the Steel Knife Show.

Pigeon Forge Knife Roadshow

For those of you in the Great Lakes region:

Mt. Vernon Knife Show

Also this weekend…

It is sort of like this…

In other topical memes, even I have some standards and won’t publicly share any Baldwin memes worse than this one…

He also told us not to trust everything we read on the internet.

But hey, our Transportation Secretary likes to play “Ticket to Ride” so this supply chain thing should work itself out.

Math is hard…if you can find toilet paper.

On a more serious note…

Support Small Business.

So, speaking of shipping things, I have been a slacker.  And I have been laid up this week with a post-injection complication from a PRP treatment I had done to my knee. I am still on crutches. I didn’t even make it into the office on Press Day. I still need to ship the Vero and the Gerber Pry. Sorry.

Hocky is the winner of this week’s drawing. The Gerber Lockdown Pry is taken, but the Drive is available. I am guessing he would pass on either knife. Call it an educated hunch.

Choice remaining two Gerbers will be the prize next week. Usual contest rules apply. 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I can whitelist you. From then on out your comments post immediately.

Words to (not) live by.

Don’t do it…

It is not Christmas season yet people…


Hipster Santa. G-d help us all.

Couldn’t this have been a Zoom meeting?

I will believe it is an emergency when the people who are telling me it is an emergency start behaving like it is an emergency.

And recognize that Nuclear is the only carbon-free energy source capable of powering modern society.

But I digress…


Strangely accurate.


That is about it for tonight.

Have a good one folks.