Weekend Open Thread: T-Rex Season Edition

I know, that is a terrible meme, but man did it make me laugh. Far and away my favorite that I found this week. So I figured I would make this week a T-Rex theme because it is better than ruminating too much on anything in the news.

How is everyone doing? If you followed the blog or our social media this week, you know my trip to South Carolina was the most noteworthy happening. It was good to see Dogwood Dan. I actually drove to his place in Greenville, rode with him to Columbia, and crashed in the guest room before driving home Wednesday.

I had always heard that factoid as “Closer to an iPhone than a Stegosaurus” but close enough.


Of course it isn’t just T-Rexes you need to watch out for.

They also have trouble reaching the trigger on a long gun.

I had a great time at the Spirit of the Steel show in Pigeon Forge last weekend. Saturday I was on my own, but got to go back Sunday with my daughter who went a little overboard adding to her cowboy Novelty Knife collection.


Two shows this weekend:




Go to a knife show, don’t do this…


It is a tough time of the year for everybody, I blame last week’s time change.



Last week was good for David McCarty. He wins his choice of the two Gerber knives, the Fuse (Green) and the Zilch (Red). Next week winner gets the last one left.

Usual contest rules apply. 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I can whitelist you. From then on out your comments post immediately.

“Dark humor is like food…”

REDRUM! It isn’t Christmas yet!

That said, given the supply chain nonsense, it is best to start shopping early.

Or stay home. Knife people can relate to this one…


Dad joke of the week…



Where do you keep your car knife?

Seriously, what was he thinking? Duh!

I’m thinking Tacos.



If you don’t understand that one, you probably have a podcast yourself.

And finally…

Have a great weekend folks.