AllOutdoor: Savior Equipment Folding Shooting Mat

Savior Equipment showcased their NEW Savior Equipment Folding Shooting Mat at Shot Show 2023, and it is packing some really nice features at an affordable price. We checked out this new piece of range equipment along with everything else that they had on display in a very impressive and popular booth at SHOT Show.

Savior Equipment never stops improving their product line, and this new shooting mat is a shining example why they are becoming a go-to company for rifle and pistol cases. Savior’s previous shooting mat was a standard roll up design, which works great but has some disadvantages.

The new folding shooting mat has some clever changes that will make all the difference for shooters. First off, it folds. The way this mat unfolds, unclasp the buckle, place on the ground, hold the flap, and walk it backwards. When you are finished shooting, hold the end flap, pick up, and ensure the first section folds in and the rest of the mat collapses inwards.

I know that this isn’t directly related to knives, but I met the Savior Equipment guys on the monorail. I wanted to give them a shout-out, because they do have EDC pouches and other gear that may be more relevant.  Besides, they gave me a kickass patch for my collection:

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