EverydayCarry: Kershaw 4950TR Balanza Butterfly Trainer Knife

With their Lucha blazing a trail in the butterfly knife community for both live blades and trainers, Kershaw keeps the momentum going with a new trainer for 2023, dubbed the Balanza. This predecessor is designed to be lighter both in weight and on the wallet while carrying over a lot of elements from the Lucha, including stainless steel construction and ball-bearing pivots out of the box.

The Balanza‘s lighter 4.60-ounce weight is thanks to its heavily skeletonized trainer blade and handles and smaller overall profile with a 4.25″ blade and 5.25″ handles; to compare, many popular balisongs are in the region of ~5.7″ handles.

KAI USA (ZT, Kershaw, Shun) wasn’t at SHOT Show, so I am still getting caught up on their new stuff. I like this butterfly trainer though.

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