KnifeNews: Rosecraft Adds New Two-Blade Jack to Spring Lineup

Rosecraft Blades continues to establish its reputation in the traditional knife space with another recent release called the Briarpatch Jack. This one deviates from some of the other recent Rosecraft traditionals with its two-blade setup, but with familiar materials and construction in tow.

Despite their surface-level differences, there are many shared characteristics between traditional and modern folders; that being said, multiple blade setups are almost exclusively the purview of traditional knife design. Collectors and historians know that these multiblade pieces can get quite complicated, with some examples of the form having three, four, even five blades. Rosecraft kept things relatively simple, with a two-blade setup, one on each end of the cigar pattern body. The ‘main blade,’ (although both blades here are nearly the same size) is a 3.2-inch clip, not dissimilar to the clips on other Rosecraft releases, an obvious workhorse shape; the ‘secondary’ is a 3.1-inch wharncliffe, a bit modern in the style of its swedge but fundamentally textbook in terms of edge profile.

The quality of the Rosecraft slipjoints is phenomenal. I am always interested to see what they are going to release next.

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Rosecraft Adds New Two-Blade Jack to Spring Lineup