Weekend Open Thread: Checking His List Edition

Seasons Greetings People of the Knife. Don’t worry, your new socks are on the way.

It’s been a fairly quiet week. Press Day for February is not until after Christmas, so it was just a week for plugging away at a sustainable pace. I began to gather photos for Knife News, got a couple of above-the-fold posts out, and a reasonably full newsfeed.

My daughter had her French final at school today, so that one is dedicated to her.


Back in the days when I was a fishing guide.

Santa is a creeper.

He’s probably the one who killed the cookies.

That one is too easy. Though JP3 was a badass either way.


It helps if you know what an Axolotl is.


The gold rings were nice though.

Everyone should drink from the skulls of their enemies.

Be careful…it’s Fra-gi-le.

Hallmark strikes again.

the horror…the horror.

Since we are in the Holiday lull for Knife Shows, I am going to skip the Events Calendar and jump into this week’s musical selection…

I am going to go out on a limb and guess most folks reading this don’t get it. Maybe they heard that the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer dropped, and it looks pretty sweet. But the image is from Red Hot Chili Peppers video for “Californication”

A good tune and a great video. I have been a Chili Pepper’s fan since they went national in the early 90s. I even had a bootleg cassette of one of their late 1980s shows out west.


Be sure to check out the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar after the New Year for the latest information on upcoming shows.

That was my favorite meme from the week, though this is a close second…

Don’t make us take Toyotathon.

Second only to “Headless Body found in Topless Bar”, though certainly less tragic.

A great moment indeed.

Uncle Rocco is a legitimate businessman.


I have been informed by Californians that this is largely true.

We did indeed.

I just reread Oliver Twist so I could help my daughter with her literature exam. I had forgotten how accurate that is.

That is not wrong.

I think I have shared this before, but it seemed relevant…

Since I can’t crop memes, I might as well give away a knife…

A CRKT Provoke to be exact. Well, technically I am not giving it away tonight, since it is a “2 Token” drawing. I looked back at last week and I did not see a name drawn for the first token. So unless I am missing something, Steve T. is the first “Token Holder”. If I am wrong, let me know in the comments.

If you are new to the blog, Steve has his first “token”. He only needs to be drawn one more time to win. If someone else is drawn next week, they too get a token. The drawing continues until someone is drawn for a second time. Usual rules apply…Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and new commenters get double credit. If you are new, your first comments will be held in moderation, but I will get around to approving them before too long.

Good luck everyone.

mmm…cow raisins.

What a loser. I am sure he sucked.

*pants in Boris Badenov


It is a great template…


In a neutral color.

I am impressed with the quality for an 1812 photograph.

“Why are you hitting yourself?”

American Horse Pirates should be in the dictionary.

Never get in a land war in Asia.

Damnit Karl!

It is hard to see the camel now.

Be ungovernable.

At least he took off his shoes first.

Too silly not to share.

I’d take that as a reward. I might let her play in my pillow fort.

As has been the case each week since October 7th, I am taking a small bit of this space to voice my support for the State of Israel as they do what they must to protect their citizens and destroy Hamas.  An organization that had to angrily clarify that it would not in fact be willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a step towards a peaceful coexistence.

There was a ceasefire in place the morning of October 7th when Hamas terrorists flooded into Israel and slaughtered more than 1,000 civilians.

This is obviously a joke, but is actually somewhat close to the mark. Israel has begun to flood the terror tunnels under Gaza. Tunnels that were constructed from aid money and material that were meant for the people of Gaza, but stolen by Hamas, which holds no regard for innocent life, Israeli or Palestinian.

The alternative is continued street-to-street fighting, and more death on both sides. Rendering the tunnels unusable by flooding is preferable to having to bomb them or clear 100s of miles underground.  The other options carry a greater risk of collateral damage or unnecessary IDF casualties. Of course there are some who say that flooding them is itself inhumane…

Could definitely be worse.

It is certainly fair to criticize Israel’s conduct in a war it did not choose. I would be perfectly willing to do so if I honestly believed that it is acting unjustly in its prosecution of the war. However, the fact is that if Israel wanted to, it could quite literally level Gaza in its entirety, killing everyone. It does not do so because that would be wrong. Instead it risks its soldiers lives through restrictive rules of engagement. Hamas is fine when their civilians are killed, as it serves their purpose in isolating Israel. Israel bends over backwards to prevent this, by many accounts much better than the US military.

And when they screw up and unintended people are killed, they take responsibility, as they did today when the IDF accidentally killed 3 hostages in a rescue operation.

Hamas kills civilians as a matter of policy. They openly celebrate this.

That is why I will not be silent.


Or ill-tempered sea bass.

I return to the Chili Peppers once more to play us out. Well, actually just their drummer, Chad Smith, who stepped in a couple of years ago and did a turn on the pep-band’s drum kit at a Kansas Jayhawks basketball game. The kid who owned the kit either will keep it for life or sold it on Ebay that night. Killer jam though.


Have a good one everybody.